3 Ways Earning while Learning

Students studying at the university level are usually over 18 years of age and are expected to be somewhat self sufficient if not completely independent. To meet these expectations students generally have two ways to go; ask parents for money or earn it. Students need cash for a million different small things such as canteen expenses, buying books and notes, bills for dining out, clothes, cell phone credits, gifting friends and so much more. At university level youth from all kinds of backgrounds study together and sometimes they feel peer pressure to live up to the expectation that society demands from them. There is no harm in that and the best way to add to your pocket money is to earn some extra bucks by doing part time jobs on the weekends or in summers.

There are so many opportunities out there that offer students a chance to make some extra cash by providing flexible timings and less workload. Some of the jobs are even home based which makes it very easy for female students to work and gain experience without having to go out and about more than necessary.

Some of the areas where students can easily find themselves a part time job include:

  • Online and Home Based Jobs
  • Call Centre Jobs
  • Sales Jobs

Online and Home Based Jobs

With the advancement in the technology there are so many new jobs opening up in the market that students can grab. Online jobs vary from data entry, writing articles, filling out surveys, and graphic designing and website building. Articles, surveys and data entry do not pay hefty amounts but are surely sufficient for students to manage their expenses with. However, some skilled students adept with some extra knowledge of computers and software can actually earn big bucks with some effort. Home based jobs are easy and feasible for female students such as home tuitions, stitching or creative work such as painting.

Call Centre Jobs

Working for call centers has become quite a trend and there are many part time jobs, with flexible working hours and suitable salaries for students to avail. The telecom sector is no doubt one of the leading industries of the economy.

Sales Jobs

This kind of job is mostly suitable for male students as it may involve outdoor activities and there is some effort needed to succeed in this job. The best thing about sales is that it is commissioned based and students can earn up to huge amounts depending upon the effort they put into their work.

So the next time you need some extra cash or have some free time on your hands, consider some of these possibilities as a plausible time pass and enjoy the fruits of your own hard work.

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