Better Life Game

Better life game is an online virtual game

better life game, Better life game is an online virtual game, Activity With Better Life Style

Better life game is an online virtual game. It is a game in which you establish your own life just the way you want to. There are no personal or economic constraints. Just like “Alice in Wonderland”, it is an online fantasy world in which you play with people from all around the world. The game promises to satisfy your wants of a better career and better life than in reality.

better life game, Better life game is an online virtual game, Activity With Better Life Style

The basic aim of the game is to relax your mind from the everyday hectic schedule of your life. It is like a refreshment after a hot day which relaxes your mind by letting you live your fantasy world for a while, where you are your own boss.

In the better Life Game, you can adorn yourself with whatever you want to. You can become that movie star you never had the opportunity to be in your real life. You can even meet the movie star that you dream about falling in love. You can marry, have children, and live a happily ever after, if you so desire. It gets even better than this as you can be the movie star yourself and live their posh, hip hop life yourself. You can own a yacht, and cruise the Caribbean or the Mediterranean for the summer.

It is indeed a very addictive game and can make you lose track of time. It is also very simple to join and easy to understand. Firstly you join a community playing the same game on the World Wide Web. Then you choose who you want to be from a long choice list of avatars, and choose your career as anything you dreamed of being.

You can choose the phase of life you want to be in. for example if you are from a wealthy family you can be poor if you are curios of how it feels to be on the other side. Now that you have all that done, you need to choose your marital status.

When you start playing, similar to the real world some of the avatars are going to like you and some are not and you are going to be confronted with issues and problems that you are going to react to. Your life could improve or fall apart depending on the choices you make relating people and tasks.

To sum it all up the better life game tends to give you a lesson by giving you a picture of both sides and show you what kind of life you could have if you were a different person.

Simply explained, it is a fantasy game that allows you to be anybody you want with a lot of similarities to real world. Once you get the hang of the game, you will indeed have the time of your life playing it!

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