Designer Jewelry for Women

Sophistication and elegance is just the base of designer Jewelry for Women, designer jewelry brands also give the purchaser a contentment that he/she has purchased something that is worth its significance. Purchasing any sort of designer jewelry for women also aids one to be comfortable as there is constantly the guarantee element and guarantee of excellence that is linked with branded items.

Though numerous latest brands are being seen evolving in the international market of the fashion world, there are still a couple of designers who rule the field as far as fashion is concerned. The fashion conscious women constantly prefer to invest in a brand that represents sophistication, fashion, style, and quality, as these also deliver a star status, once adorned.

Brands of Jewelry for Women


Tiffany has stayed to be one of the most sought after jewelry brands as far as class is concerned. In the year 1837, it was initially named as Tiffany & Young. The name was then altered to Tiffany & Co in New York. It is not just the diamond jewelry that drove women crazy; it is their whole variety of bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings, etc. At Tiffany’s, every jewel is a treasured and prized possession. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany and Co., designed numerous mosaics, lamps, stained glass windows, and of course jewelry for women. It was just later that this company made a lot of prizes and got international prominence as a jewelry brand.

De Grisogono

Black diamonds were used as a unique element under the De Grisogono tag. This trend commenced when Gruosi combined this in the late 1990s. This brand lines some of the leading artistic designs, which are sure to enthrall any woman! Now, with an international charm, this brand has mounted new height in its section.


Possessing a Buccellati piece would be like possessing a masterpiece. The founder of this delicate line of designer jewelry was Mario Buccellati. Each piece has an individual touch that is offered by his son Gianmaria Buccellati. A family affair, artistic concepts for wonderful designs run in the Buccellati family. Now, you may still see latest designs and urbane pieces being mixed out by Buccellati.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston has a long line of jewelry designs to its recognition. Harry Winston rings are exceptionally famous amongst most fashion savvy youths who are expected to tie the knot. Though the 1920s and the 1930s witnessed a demand for tiny gemstones, it was Harry Winston who ventured to go off the compressed track and present big stones that were set in small settings. One of the well-known gems that fit to this brand is the dark blue Hope diamond.


This is a luxury brand that is famous for its lead crystal glass pieces. Daniel Swarovski initially made the Swarovski crystal when he designed an automatic cutting machine in 1892. This magic crystal changed the fashion set-up when it was utilized for making beautiful jewelry. Nowadays, Swarovski beads and crystal adornments are a craze in the market.

These designer brands have been making lovely jewelry for women that are worth spending some money. Have a look on their designs.

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