Get glowing skin overnight

In order to improve your complexion and get glowing skin overnight, discard the chemical ridden products and let Nature help you by her blessings. Our Earth is sinking in pollution day by day; due to this fact a lot of people face skin problems like acne, dark spots and clogged pores. But you can easily get rid of all these ailments by following simple natural recipes and get glowing skin overnight.

Whenever an ailment needs to be cured you should check your diet in the very first place. Healthy eating ensures healthy living. Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin A, C and E; for example, sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots and eggs. Vitamin A helps to keep your skin smooth and supple and also decreases oil production.  Vitamin C, on the other hand, creates collagen which is an important factor of skin’s upkeep edifice and it also helps in reducing wrinkles.

Examples of foods that are high in vitamin C are Kiwi, Oranges, Strawberries, Apples, Grain cereals and Grapefruit. Apart from these vitamins Omega 3 is also very good for your skin. Omega 3 helps your body to absorb vitamins and controls the inflammations, Omega 3 can be found in Chocolate, Nuts, green tea, Grapes, Cranberries and salmon. Omega 3 also helps to give an extra radiance to your skin.

There are many homemade recipes that can help you to get glowing skin overnight, but some of them need at least a week to start showing any effect. So be very patient while trying out one of these recipes.

For dry skin; Take one mashed banana and mix it in one cup of yogurt, one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons rolled oats. Mix the ingredients together and then blend them in a blender until a smooth paste is formed. Pat a little water on your skin and then cover it with this paste. Leave the paste on for at least fifteen minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

For a radiant complexion; Take a handful of dry rice and rub it gently on damp face for two to three minutes. Then wash your face. Now, mix one teaspoon of pomegranate juice with one teaspoon honey and apply it on your face. Leave it on for at least fifteen minutes and then remove with a damp towel.

Make sure that you exfoliate twice a week, this will keep your skin clean and fresh.

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