Louis Vuitton Bags – Spot the Fake Ones

Louis Vuitton Bags… the designation is enough to make any lady sigh in awe. This brand’s traveler along with handbags have been making flows in the world of fashion since 1854. Various manufactures have taken benefit of the brand name and spread fake knock-offs in the market. Here you may find some guidance on recognizing the well-known “real deal”. Read on and spot fake Louis Vuitton Bags.

The marketplace for fake designer articles is worth around USD 450 billion. Study tells that around 80% of the customers are tricked or fooled into purchasing the fake Louis Vuitton Bags for the price of the genuine items.

Louis Vuitton Bags – Spot the Fake Ones

Louis Vuitton Bags are one of the most extensively faked and distributed the world over. Everybody loves to buy a designer handbag. It is a matter of pride for the possessor and that of envy for others who don’t possess one. As the prices are inflated, it is not probable for anybody and everybody to possess a genuine Louis Vuitton.

Tips to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Bags


A significant trait of the bags from this brand is the stitching. They are stitched flawlessly and will not ever cut through for years. There are no slack threads and no inappropriate stitches in a genuine Louis Vuitton.


The rate of an original Louis Vuitton is quite high, and if you find a bag at a too good to be correct price, it’s most certainly a replica.

Metal Hardware

The metal hardware of the genuine Louis Vuitton Handbags is made of gold or brass metal. The zippers are embossed with the letters LV. If you get gold-plated metal or plastic and if the zippers do not come with the LV logo engraved on them, you have spotted a false one.


The interiors of the genuine Louis Vuitton Handbags are lined using a honey or red -colored canvas. The interiors are prepared with cross grain leather, microfiber suede, micro-monogram textile, or tone-on-tone polyester. If your bag is lined with brown suede, cheap tan, or even plastic, then it certainly is a knock-off.

Make Mark

Real Louis Vuitton handbags are made in Italy, USA, France, Germany, as well as Spain. If you discover a mark that says Made in Chile or Made in China, then the bag is not the real one. The authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags are not manufactured anywhere else except in the afore-mentioned countries.


There are no tags fastened to the authentic bags. As an alternative, they are just located inside the dust bag or purse. If you discover the tags fastened to the bag, then it is a dead giveaway that the handbag is a showoff.


The genuine monograms on these handbags are cautiously located. They are even on all the sides and have evidently printed gold letters, along with a brown line passing over the LV logo. The letters are not smudged, solid colored, cutouts, or contain a greenish tint. These are thin, precisely threaded, and perfectly placed on the bag. In some of the authentic bags, the logo is located upside down on one side. An imitated bag may have logos on both sides positioned upright.

These were some guidelines for you to spot fake Louise Vuitton Bags. Follow these tips and do not get fooled by anyone.

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