Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary

On 23rd March, 2010 President Barack Obama signed the patient protection and affordable careact statute into the law. The act requires people who are not covered by the government sponsored or employer insurance plans to maintain some minimum health insurance coverage. The act works towards lowering the spending on Medicare and it reforms some aspects of the public health insurance programs and the private health insurance industry. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary is as follows and discusses all of the important details of the act.

Access of all Americans to affordable and quality healthcare, and to minimize the costs incurred within the healthcare system is the basic purpose of this Act. There are nine titles discussed in the act, each addressing a necessary part of reform:

  • Quality, affordable health care for all Americans
  • The role of public programs
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of health care
  • Prevention of chronic disease and improving public health
  • Health care workforce
  • Transparency and program integrity
  • Improving access to innovative medical therapies
  • Community living assistance services and supports
  • Revenue Provisions

Each of these titles has sub titles explained briefly in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary to emphasize on the importance of affordable, available, improved health coverage to the citizens of America.

The new health reform law contained individual mandate, employer requirements and expansion of public programs. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary cover all the basic elements that need to reform and develop the medical and health sector for the Americans. The summary defines the benefits and coverage of the act and how the regulations and guidance has been provided to the health industry.

According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary covers the provisions effective by 2020. This ten year act signed in 2010, covers provisions for each year till 2020. The impact of the public policy will be on the expenditures, number of uninsured, cover the effect on national spending, contraceptive coverage.

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